Aajudyo Dhupayan Rope Incense

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Aajudyo Dhupayan  Lokta Paper Pack Nepalese Rope Incense

The meaning of Aajudyo is one of the every powerful god of sky and Dhupayan means incense. In kathmandu valley this incense is offer to the God Aajudyo. "The Aajudyo" like this incense very much. So it is called Aajudyo Dhupayan . Different kind of herbal raw materials is used to prepare this incense like Dhupi, Asta Sugandha, Naswa, Agur, Gokul, Kut, Sal, Usir, Yaryar & Kapur.

    13.5cm / 5.3" (Total Length of Rope incense)
    No. of Rope incense in a packet = 30

    95 grams