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100% Exclusive Cashmere Shawl from Nepal

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This is a 100% cashmere shawl handmade in Nepal. This shawl is in plain black color. This fine wool comes from the undercoat of the Capra Hircus goat. These goats are found at the altitude of 12,000-14,000 feet in the Himalayas, the Tibetan Plateau, and Mongolia.

At NepaCrafts, we collect cashmere from the finest producer in Nepal who have been manufacturing cashmere for a long time and passing the manufacturing skills through generations.

Pashmina has been recognized worldwide to be the most luxurious of natural fibres. Pashmina, the Nepalese word for the highest Quality of cashmere is an ultra fine and exceedingly soft wool.

This pashmina shawl is so smooth and luxurious to touch. Pashmina's have their origin in Nepal, where the people have a cultural heritage of hand-weaving Pashmina shawls with the well-known fringing and hand dyeing.

You can wear this soft shawl with any casual wear and in different style as you want.

Measurement:(in inches)
28" WIDTH X 80" LONG

Weight: approx 60 grams
Color: Green Color
MADE OF 100% Exclusive Cashmere.