Woolen Legwarmers

What are Legwarmers?

Legwarmers are usually made out of cotton or wool (chenille, synthetic fibers) and then they are knitted to form large footless socks that are shaped like a tube and can be worn around the legs.

Legwarmers are similar to socks, but they are much thicker and footless. Leg warmers come in a pair and are designed to cover the leg from the ankle to the knee or thigh. They are typically worn by dancers who are practicing ballet or other forms of dance.

Dance and Exercise

In the 1970s, aerobic exercise, fitness, and dance were huge in the United States. Legwarmers were used to keep the lower half of one’s body warm. For example, if a ballerina was practicing in a cold studio, she could throw on a pair of legwarmers to keep her legs limber and flexible to perform a wide variety of dance moves.

From Practical to Fashionable

Many people don’t think about legwarmers in terms of fashion. However, in the world of apparel, legwarmers have become more than just something used for athletic purposes, they are now a fashion statement.

Many celebrities, such as Jane Fonda, wore legwarmers as a way to keep their muscles warm and flexible when dancing or performing exercise routines. Later on, celebrities such as Cyndi Lauper and Madonna made legwarmers a popular fashion statement and many women started purchasing and wearing them as well.

Modern Fashion Trend

Legwarmers are not only worn on the legs; many people wear them on their arms as a way to accessorize their outfits. Also, if you find that your knee-high boots often fall down, you can wear legwarmers inside and this will help them to have something to grip to. A fun way to wear leg warmers would be to pair them with boots and have them slightly peeking out, as a way to add a pop of color to a minimalist outfit. A cute way to wear legwarmers would be to match them to your blouse, top, or cardigan.

Here are some more ways that you can incorporate legwarmers into your wardrobe:
•  Wear them with flats and tights
•  Wear them over jeans
•  Where them with sneakers
•  Wear them on top of your ankle boots
•  Wear them with heels
•   Wear them with skirts, shorts, and dresses

The fashion trend that is legwarmers will never go out of style. The amazing thing about legwarmers is that they come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Besides looking nice with your outfit, legwarmers will keep you warm in the fall and winter months. Legwarmers can also make a nice Christmas gift to a loved one.

Our wool leg warmers are hand-knitted in Nepal using 100% pure sheep wool. They come in a gorgeous array of colors and patterns. Order your wool legwarmers online today!