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Tibetan Incense, Prayer Flags, Buddha Statues, Tibetan Thangka, Tibetan Prayer Wheel and more

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NepaCrafts is an online store offering one-of-a-kind retail and wholesale Buddhist items to customers all over the world. Originally, we started selling our unique products through eBay and Etsy platforms. Thus, if you have ever searched for exclusive Buddhist things to buy there, you might be familiar with our assortment. In 2017, we shut down our Etsy store to continue bringing joy to our customers through our own eCommerce website. It allows us to share our passion and love for Nepal-Tibet arts and crafts with the whole world more efficiently.

Explore the diversity of our exclusive products

At our store, you can find Buddha statues, Tibetan incenses, yak wool shawls, bags, key chains, and other accessories. They can serve as great gifts or inspiration for meditation practices. There are also Buddhist religious items such as singing bowls, prayer flags, beads and wheels. They are usually used for praying and conducting religious rituals. Those who want to learn more about Tibetan culture, music and religion, can find a lot of interesting information from a number of books, movies, and music CDs we offer. Want to have something small to remind you of Tibet? - Check out our cards, stickers, key chains, and fridge magnets.

All things offered at our store are put together by local artisans with special care and love to what they do. The items we sell are handmade and thoroughly tested, so you can be sure that you will always receive quality products.

Why buying from us?

There are several reasons that make our Tibetan Buddhist supplies unique and special.

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We strive to please

Whether you are new to Buddhism or you have been practicing it for many years, you will find all Buddhist products you need. We aim to please our customers by offering them exclusive products and excellent customer support. So, if you search for the perfect Buddhist store online, NepaCrafts is what you need. If you have any questions about our products or service, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.