Buddha Statue

Tibetan Buddha Statues for Sale

It is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the placement of a Buddha statue. As long as the Buddha statue is treated with respect, tranquility can be found by looking at the enlightened one.

In some countries, such as Thailand, it is considered bad form to place a Buddha statue on the ground. In these countries, the statues are often placed on short altars or tables. If a table is unavailable, then a shelf will work as well. In some Asian countries, a simple woven mat is considered enough.

You must also consider the purpose of your Buddha statue when deciding where to place it. If you are using the statue as a meditation aid, then you may want to consider placing it in a specific room, one that is quiet and peaceful. If you are using the statue to show devotion to the enlightened one, then you will want to follow a similar path, and ensure that the statue is placed in a peaceful place.

If you choose to place the statue near the entrance of your home, ensure that the statue faces inward. Doing this allows you to see the Buddha before leaving your house for the day. This reminder may help you recall the Buddha’s teachings throughout your day.