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Our Mission

NepaCrafts product is a handicrafts enterprise which started in 1999 from Hannover,Germany when Prajwol, the founder went there for his studies. With a commitment of empowering women creation, uplifting the lives of local Nepalese & Tibetan artisans and promoting their creation across the globe, Prajwol came back to Nepal and established NepaCrafts on April 16th, 2009(Baishak 3rd, 2066 BS). Our company mission is Development of Small and Cottage Enterprise-Women Creation. Nepacrafts has always believed in Fair Traded business practice hence we not only create opportunities of better jobs and promotions of products but also aspire to elevate the living standards of our local Nepalese artisans and help their kids go to school for their better future.

As NepaCrafts puts artists and producers first, we co-ordinate the design and develop the products first, then take it to the core level of manufacturing or production directly to the artists breaking down the process into the simplest form. The artists take the design, material and then start producing the handicrafts products which once finished, comes to our store for sales. This way, we are able to give a huge chunk of pay directly to the artisan. Cutting down of the middlemen and middle business has helped us achieve the best in quality handicrafts from our artists and also pay the artists abundantly to elevate their lifestyle and also help their children to get better education.

The handcrafted products that we offer are most ethically sourced from Nepal. We work directly with the Nepalese artisans following Fair Trade Practice and supporting mostly women artisans. The best thing about sourcing from Nepal is that it directly helps uplift the livelihood of the Nepalese artisans and help them preserve and continue their ancient old techniques and craftsmanship. Our mission is also to support and promote Nepalese, Tibetan and Newar arts and crafts throughout the world by offering eco friendly products made using the ancient craftsmanship of Nepal.  We do a thorough study of manpower, working conditions, daily wages, raw ingredients and the final products assuring that the products are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, fair traded, supportive of cultures and artisans and above all, the funds directly reach the artisans cutting off middlemen which helps artisans get the best prices for their products and skills.

We closely work with communities wherein we provide the input of advance pay and fair job share so that our artisans can enjoy what they do and produce their best skills in work.

Sourcing is a very important part of our business. The raw materials that are used in varieties of our products, first have to meet our highest standards. First, it should be Eco-friendly, sustainable and beneficial to the locals or local communities, and then it should be easy to work with, healthy, non toxic and most importantly of high quality. We believe that each step of our production should give something satisfactory to the community in which the raw materials have flourished.

For eg, our Lokta papers are directly brought from various communities which are registered in the Nepal Government which ensures that the cultivation of the barks are self sustainable, forest friendly, ecologically abundant and which creates proper balance in the elements of the surroundings.

We are strictly against use of chemicals and toxic materials which is not only bad for the environment but also to our artisans. We take health factor and work space safety very seriously.

NepaCrafts is committed to gender equality and women empowerment. As said before, our company mission is Development of Small and Cottage Enterprise: Women Creation, we work with small cottage enterprises giving them enough financial support to start the work and to sustain and flourish their craftsmanship.

Gender equality has been a backbone of our trading practice. Equal pay is another important factor. We believe that both men and women must be empowered together in various fields to make sure that the chariot of life moves prosperously.

We also educate our artisans towards fair trade practice so that when they work with other buyers, they can demand a pay which is at par with fair trade. We believe that equal work should be paid equally.

We have a strong belief that if the producers and their communities are strengthened with visionary plans and strong financial support, they will, in turn, work for the betterment of oneself and also the whole community. Once the whole community is maintained in a good standard, the village becomes prosperous. If a village is prosperous, a state becomes prosperous. If a state becomes prosperous, the whole country rejoices the fruit.

We also share 10% of our profits with our suppliers/producers for the betterment of their social, economical and environmental development projects along with funding for their kids education.

You are most welcome to find the products that you love and which will find home in your heart. We love to chat with you and are 24/7 here to help you with any queries or suggestions you might have. Just reach out and we assure you that we will leave no stones unturned to make your shopping experience a wonderful one.

Team NepaCrafts

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