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Dakpa Tamdin Juniper Sang Powder

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Dakpa Tamdin Juniper Sang Powder is a traditional Tibetan incense blend known for its aromatic and spiritual properties. Made from juniper berries and other natural ingredients, this powder is used in Tibetan rituals and ceremonies to purify the environment, dispel negative energies, and promote a sense of peace and serenity. Its rich fragrance and symbolic significance make it a valued part of Tibetan cultural and spiritual practices.

Burning Powder Incense:
-Light the charcoal and place it in your bowl or urn. Never hold the charcoal with your fingers - always use tongs or even pliers.
-Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up. This usually takes about 3 minutes. .
-Add herbs or powder incense. Just place a small amount on top of the charcoal.

Weight: 100 grams and 250 grams.