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Hand-Painted Masterpiece Chenrezig Statue 13" H

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This meticulously crafted statue captures the essence of Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of compassion, in exquisite detail. Each stroke of paint brings out the intricate features of this masterpiece, from the serene expression to the symbolic elements like the lotus flower and jewel, symbolizing purity and the fulfillment of wishes.

This statue serves as a powerful reminder of the path of compassion and the aspiration to alleviate suffering. It is not just a work of art but a spiritual symbol that inspires devotees to cultivate empathy and kindness in their lives. Add a touch of sacred beauty to your space with the Hand-Painted Masterpiece Chenrezig Statue, a treasure that radiates compassion and grace.

Four Arm Chenrezig is the Buddha of infinite compassion. The four arms signify the four immeasurable attitudes of love, compassion, equanimity and joy.

Devotees often offer prayers and make offerings to Chenrezig statues as a way to connect with the qualities of compassion and to seek blessings for themselves and others. These statues serve as powerful reminders of the path of compassion and the aspiration to alleviate suffering in the world.

Size: 13"H X 11"W X 5" D
Weight: 4160 grams approx.