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Why should I buy from NepaCrafts?

Why should I buy from NepaCrafts?

Why Buy From NepaCrafts?

Since the inception of NepaCrafts, we have had a vision that one day we will venture into the remotest places of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan to find the most indigenous products made by the local communities.


We always wanted to find the underprivileged artisans from different sections of society and promote them, their stories and their products to the global marketplace.

We started in a very humble manner buying products from shop and suppliers in our early days. We worked hard to find customers for our products and eventually started to grow one day at a time. But selling products which we bought from shops and suppliers was never satisfying. We had a greater vision; a vision towards building the lives of the artisans, a vision to bring the most authentic products which are harvested sustainably and ethically sourced from distant villages or communities, a vision to bring the artisans to the global marketplace where they could show their talent; while at the same time, integrating traditional crafts and modern business practice, share their stories and sell their products; a vision which included fair trade, eco friendly & sustainable materials, community development, social welfare and uplifting national economy.

NepaCrafts today has grown from a mere trading platform to an artisan marketplace with over 200 artisans involved directly. Each artisan has their own story. We weave their talent, life, family, society and help create beautiful products which touch the hearts of our customers.

We follow fair trade practice very sincerely and are very proud to put the artists first and foremost. Our mission is to support and promote Nepalese, Tibetan & Newar arts and crafts around the world by offering eco friendly, sustainable and unique products made using the age old indigenous techniques. We frequently explore artisans, especially women and physically challenged artisans with exceptional skills and passion, as our mission is Women Empowerment. These artisans are talented and produce mind blowing products but always find it hard to market their products. And this is where we come in. We offer them the fairest of pay, an authority to set their own price for the sales and divide the final share of the sales too. First our artisans come to us with their products, get the fair pay for their products in advance, together we set a fair selling price and once sold; we pay them the extra share of the sales. This way, not only our artisans get a better price and appreciation for their products from us but also get a financial partnership which in turn; helps them uplift their livelihood, send their kids to school and carry on with their work passionately.

We make sure that we spend good amount of time with our artisans to know them closely. We hear their stories, feel their pain and excitement at the same time and finally write their stories in our segment OUR ARTISANS. You can go to the segment to find the touching and inspiring stories of our artisans along with the choice of their creative products. If the story and product touches you as it did to us, you can proudly place your order and also write a note to the artist directly. We will make sure that your message is conveyed to the artist and will revert back to you if the artist has any message for you in return.

Our achievement this year was to find training and skill development center in Kathmandu involved with victims of leprosy and polio. We met some of the artists there and dared to write a few lines of their stories. How inspired would you be if you knew that BISHNA PRADHAN, a 38 year old single mother of two, victim of leprosy, is now a full time tailor producing beautiful products and supporting her family?

How touched would you be to know NIRU TAMANG whose husband, the only breadwinner of the house, contracted Leprosy and needed a massive and lengthy treatment? With two kids to feed and a husband who needed surgery, she decided to take everything positively and trained to become a tailor. Today, along with her husband, she works full time making beautiful bags, pillows, pillow cases and accessories.

The untold story of real life hero REWATI GURUNG is another motivating story. A polio victim herself could have never thought that she would have to bear the brunt of life when her husband was diagnosed with leprosy in the most devastating way. But as a hero, she took it upon herself to fight back and trained to become an expert weaver. At age 50, she has a beautiful family and a great future to look towards.

Our artisans have taught us many things which we want to share for the greater good of the society. The skills they have, the finest products they create, the willpower & passion they display despite the hardships are some things which we believe every customer of ours should know of. Each of our products has a story behind them. Our raw materials are harvested in the most sustainable manner and the proceeds go to the community directly. The products are not massed produced

We will forever be grateful to the community of customers who not only support us by buying from us but also share the same passion and love towards the artisans. The answer to the question WHY BUY FROM NEPACRAFTS is very simple. Buy from NepaCrafts because you know that the product is the finest, you know that the artisans who made the products are being paid and promoted in the fairest manner, you know that each and every purchase of yours is going to directly support the artisans and also help send their kids to school, you know that you are going to be a part of a great cause and importance in their lives and finally, you have a great product and story behind it to share with your friends and family.




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