Rewati Gurung

If you are really trying to get inspired, just walk a few kilometers around your neighborhood and we assure you there are plenty things to seek inspirations from. We met Rewati Gurung, a 50 year old polio victim at New Sadle and amazed to see how she made a great comeback into happy life.

She tells us about the time when her husband; Man Bahadur Gurung, was diagnosed with leprosy. She herself being a polio victim could not really stand to bear another blow in life and that too, a big one which involved the sole breadwinner of the family. Suddenly she saw her family crumbling down. With two children to nourish, she really did not know what to do.

“New Sadle is like a temple to me. They provided treatment to my husband and me, took care of us like we were their family, trained us about handicrafts and how we can work towards stable & sustainable jobs in our lives and more importantly, taught us that we are not alone in this endeavor”:-Rewati.

Rewati worked for many years as a weaver. Now she is the quality assurance personnel. She makes sure that every product that is coming off the production line meets all the desired criteria and that the products are second to none.

It is a proud feeling to bring to bring you the wonderful products that are approved by Rewati. Every purchase of yours makes sure that our artists continue to make beautiful and sustainable products using our own natural resources which immensely support our local and national economy.