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NepaCrafts taking online orders now

NepaCrafts taking online orders now

NepaCrafts, taking online orders now!

After more than one month of shutdown, NepaCrafts is pleased to announce, we are open for the business again. We have decided for this initiation, to be back in the business for our dear customers. With proper precaution being followed, as governed by the Nepal Government and international law firms, we are committed in serving you the best as much as possible, regardless, how much extra effort it requires, acknowledging the current scenario.

Further, as the situation caused by the pandemic is still not soften and remains to be worst, therefore, we are yet not able to fully operate our day-to-day activities. However, we have started to resume our online orders, with a commitment to serve all our customers, from different parts of the world. Hence, we would like to aware and request all our valuable customers, to start placing their orders, which will be delivered to their respective places, worldwide, through charter flights, via DHL Express.

Similarly, we understand the chaos caused by the pandemic of Covid-19, and so, in this difficult situation, we would like to aware and ensure, NepaCrafts remains committed to, standby and for our customer, who is more like a family to us. We also, like to place our gratitude and thankfulness to everyone who constantly messaged us, liked, shared, and contributed to support our small enterprise, throughout these difficulties.

NepaCrafts hopes that with our idea to resume the business, we will be able to contribute and help your life in a productive manner, and with our products, we hope to create and provide a viable option for positive and healthy lifestyle. Lastly, thank you again, your support, request, and orders surely strengthens us.

All in all, we are hopefully that we will come through this pandemic together very soon, to live a better and stronger life. Till then, do take care, stay healthy, and stay safe!

We all shall overcome and fight against this virus, Covid-19!

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