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We are lockup

WE ALL ARE LOCKED UP-Incense for mediation, yoga and, for the development of immune system to combat the pandemic

Incense for mediation, yoga and, for the development of immune system to combat the pandemic

We all are locked up, ever since the pandemic of the Coronavirus started, none of us really are in a stable condition, with least idea on what is actually happening all around us- we are confused, anxious, fearful and terrified at some point. As, it is definitely a first time for many of us, for almost every one of us, to stay inside our homes and remain, physical disconnected from human connection and outside world.


As a human being, we are made up for the social bond, it is unlikely for us or, for any of the living beings to remain locked-up, we are created to live freely and trench our presence out in the world, with no boundary. But then, here we are, feeling so left out as if we are in the middle of nowhere, not knowing how long the pandemic will remain, how many more will get infected by the virus and lost their lives and then, what will be the future like, in the days to come!

With so many unstoppable questions and thoughts, it is very likely we feel lost, sad, apprehensive, and depressed after a point. So, to deal with this pandemic by being at our home, without breaking any precaution measures, it is very much important for us to have a good mental state and physical wellbeing. Therefore, mediation and yoga are the most reliable and effective measures that resolve and ensure good health, both mentally and physically.

Firstly, as per Dr.Russell G.Buhr, a pulmonologist at U.C.L.A Health, in order to maintain one’s wellbeing at the time of the pandemic, “it is important to preserve the sense of normalcy”, which can only be achieved with “good mental health that ultimately promotes better physical health” improving our immune system to fight against the virus.

Moreover, at such a time of chaos many us might not be motivated and inspired to do anything, it might feel tiring and out of context at many levels, which is understandable and relatable. Nonetheless, remaining dull with overcrowded thoughts and questions does nothing, but drowns you more and more, to the black hole, leading nowhere but towards depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to fight all the negative energies, with some positive effort and movement through mediation and yoga.

So, to motivate you with the positive energy, and enhance the overall experience of meditating and doing yoga, “incense” plays a vital role. Burning the incense during the meditation and yoga is like an aromatic ritual that has therapeutic benefits, even the research has shown, a good quality incense helps to raise serotonin level in our brain that ensures our wellbeing and happiness.

Nonetheless, mediation and yoga can be done without the incense but, including the incense has its own benefits, adding up better results to your mediation and yoga. It is a non-pharmacological alternative, to manage and increase serotonin, also called “happy chemical” in our brain. As, the aroma of the incense has the capability to soothe the nerves and reduce heart rates, ensuring the stability of our brain with complete relaxation and peace.

At the time of this pandemic, all of us are being affected, directly or else indirectly. Everywhere, whatever we see or listen, all the news portals, social media handles, tabloids, and podcasts have the same coverage, all about the virus, Covid-19. Thus, it is very difficult to remain unaffected after-all, which prominently causes serotonin-related disorders such as depression, anxiety, irritation, sadness, and an increase of negative thoughts.

Thereby, incense made out of natural herbs of the Himalayas is one of the best antidepressants, that balances the neurotransmitters in our brain, improving our mood, helping us with better sleep, increasing appetite, stimulating our creativity and concentrating power. Overall, at the time when we all are locked-up and unable to go out to feel the freshness- the soothing fragrance of the incense helps a lot to increase our generosity and mindfulness, by focusing our mind towards building a fit body, and boosting our immune system, with a relaxing aromatic atmosphere.

Further, you may visit our site and check the incense sticks like “Green Tara” which is prepared from precious herbs and natural substance from the Yolmo mountain, and is highly effective to combat stress-related issues, to achieve calmness and harmony. Similarly, “Zambala Incense” is an exclusively prepared incense stick for a spiritual purpose, to enhance the mediational experience and connect with Buddhist philosophies.

Other than that, NepaCrafts has 100 different incense-like, “Tibetan Seven Chakra Incense Sticks”, “Tara Healing Incense”, “Natural Organic Blend Tibetan Incense”, “Tibetan White Sandalwood Incense Sticks”, “Tashi Rope Incense” and many more, which are handmade with an unique composition of various natural and organic fragrance. All these incenses are prepared from the ancient Vedic formula of Himalayan Herbal remedies, thereby these incenses exclusively treat to benefit and empower the wellbeing of an individual, by managing pain, anxiety, depression, and different type of serotonin -related disorders.

Last but not the least, you may visit our site, as NepaCrafts has more than 100 different incense to please you. So, for that, you may simply place an order for any of the incense, you desire through our website. And besides, stay home, stay safe and, keep meditating and doing yoga to develop your immune system to fight against this pandemic, we shall defeat the coronavirus for better tomorrow, and for this, we assure you, the incense can be a great help!

(We would also like to aware and inform everyone that we will be shipping these orders through charter flights, via DHL Express at your place- Thank You!)


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