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Meeting His Holiness Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche-Eventful, Spiritual Statue Blessing

Meeting His Holiness Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche-Eventful, Spiritual Statue Blessing

The meeting was from 22.12.2015 with His Holiness Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche for  blessing of the Green Tara Statue for our Australian Customer.

You will be amazed to know what a great experience we had today at the Monastery with His Holiness Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. Prajwol Shrestha(the owner of NepaCrafts) and I had made an early morning visit today at the White Gompa and asked the assistant that we have been asked by Scott to meet his Holiness and have the statue consecrated and blessed by him. The assistant came back in about 15 minutes to receive us and took us to His Holiness.

His Holiness was so kind and generous to welcome us with open arms. He first blessed us and asked a few questions about you. We told him that you wrote to us about your stay in Boudha and that you specifically wanted the statue to be consecrated at White Gompa and blessed by your teacher, the Rinpoche himself. He was elated to hear that his student from so far across the world would send the beautiful statue to be blessed. He then took the statue in his hands, looked very carefully with visible delight, checked out every inch of the statue and said What a great Craftsmanship!!! After a short while of inspection and appreciation, he then started the consecration and blessing proceeding. We were asked to be very close enough to witness the whole proceeding. We were even permitted to take photos of the blessings and our personal photos with His Holiness Choyki Nyima Rinpoche. After the blessing ceremony was over, he asked us that we send you the statue along with a special gift. He gave us a holy red string, a mantra pouch, incense stick and Prasad as his blessing to you. He discussed elaborately about the power of god. He said and I quote: The statue is just a mere body until and unless it finds a holy being who would worship it with such purity and dedication that the godly powers from the universe would come down through the statue making it a real power to bless that being(he meant it for YOU).

Also he asked us not to insert the Mantra set and powder incense inside the statue as he himself had heard of customs officers opening up the statue making it unholy to check for dubious items(this is true, our office have had a few such cases earlier). He suggested us that we could send that along with the statue separately so that you could later insert it inside the statue (you can open the bottom of the statue, place the mantra set inside and then seal it with the glue that comes along the set).

Furthermore, he showed us his elaborate collection of antique Buddha Statues which we truly consider a once in a lifetime opportunity. He has one statue of ancient Indian dynasty which dates back about 1400-1500 years ago. He believes no one can make that in today’s time and that he is very proud that Prajwol has a vast knowledge about statues. He spoke to Prajwol about statues, the artisans in Nepal and India and even asked the current monetary values of some of his other collections of statues. Prajwol and His Holiness spent about 30 minutes discussing matters of their interest about Buddhism and Buddhist statues. Prajwol was himself very happy to talk to the Rinpoche and personally god blessed several times.

Today, we have shipped your statue with respect taking due consideration while packing and have sent it via UPS expedited shipment. The tracking number is 1ZR111R70440500480. Hope you love receiving it and finally place it at a blessed sitting. May god bless you with everything and thank you heaps for letting us be the messenger of good faith. We loved the entire episode from the first day till today and hope this continues with you further. Please do come back if you have any questions or queries, we will be real happy and welcoming to help you out with anything.


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