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Everyday Practices to Keep Your Chakras Open

Everyday Practices to Keep Your Chakras Open

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A word that means circle or cycle in Sanskrit, chakras can become blocked and cause issues with the flow of energy in our bodies. Blockages create an imbalance in the free flow of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy in our bodies — often causing issues in health. This has led to the practice of keeping one’s chakras open, from the base of the spine all the way to the crown of the head (

Raising one’s consciousness through various practices such as yoga, meditation, and gratitude are just a few ways that you can keep your chakras open. Here are some everyday practices for this that you can do to benefit all aspects of your health:

Do color breathing

Color breathing is a visualization technique that can aid in stress relief and bring a general improvement to one’s mood ( Start by thinking of something you’d like to bring into yourself, whether that’s a specific emotion or positive energy. Assign this feeling a color of your choice; those that are soothing or pleasing to you will work best. As you breathe in and out, visualize the color spreading to various parts of your body. This will allow you to embody that color and the emotion or mood it carries.

Practice good posture

Improving your posture can do wonders for both your physical pain and spiritual blockages. This is applicable to all areas of life, especially perhaps nowadays as we bring work into our homes. However, we often forego ergonomics and work with bad posture, causing pain and discomfort to our neck, back, legs, and other parts of the body.

To prevent this from blocking your solar plexus chakra and sustaining more severe injuries later on, you can practice improving your posture. Start by taking cues from proper meditation positions, with a level waist and slightly engaged stomach. You can also try standing while encouraging proper posture. Investing in ergonomic working accessories such as standing desk converters can help you stay productive even while standing ( With the right tools and equipment, you can maintain these healthy postures even while working. Open your chest up and keep your spine straight as you do this to keep your back and neck aligned in the correct position. This prevents chronic pain from developing and will keep your chakras open.

Reconnect with nature

Reconnecting with nature can especially keep your root chakra open and healthy. It symbolizes physical strength for your sense of safety and security, providing the basic instinct for survival ( This applies both physically and emotionally, so keeping this chakra open will keep your fight or flight instincts in balance.

Try spending a few minutes a day anywhere that has nature. It can be in your garden, a nearby park, or on the beach. Making physical connections with the earth is essential for it to release any energy stuck and threatening your sense of security.

Use mantras and affirmations

Unconditional love may be difficult to accept, and this is the sign of a blocked heart chakra. Opening up this chakra will enable you to move love throughout your life, whether it’s in the form of forgiveness, affection, or compassion. One way to do this is through mantras.

You can use them repeatedly throughout your day or dedicate them to your time in meditation. Positive affirmations can also be used, as they are similar to mantras that can increase the positive energy in the body. Chant the mantra and use the affirmations that you need the most, whether it’s in the mind or something you can choose to write down. This combination can be quite powerful and allow you to freely open your heart chakra.

Written by  Alisson Jody McKay
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