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The Scent of Sakai' 堺の香り - Handmade incense stick craftsman

The Scent of Sakai' 堺の香り - Handmade incense stick craftsman

We just came through this masterpiece  incense craftsman and can't resist to share it with you. 
Video by 
Edwin Lee (Fallout Media)
Edwin Lee (Fallout Media)
Kinzaburo Kitamura is your typical hard working and inconspicuous craftsman. Still spry at 73 years old, he has been producing high quality incense sticks and fragrances from his little shop in Sakai City, Osaka for over 35 years. Although incense sticks are commonly made throughout the world, it is one who is able to blend fragrances, create recipes as well as producing the sticks, can he or she be truly called a master. With no one to succeed him after he retries, the world of handmade incense sticks may soon lose one of its greatest artisans. *Correction: At 0:38 the certificate for Living National Treasure was awarded by
a TV show, not by the Japanese government
Mr Kiitamura's shop 薫主堂 can be found at 2-1 Kitahanchōnishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka
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