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Third Eye Ajna Chakra Rose Indigo Rope Incense

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Experience the rich traditions of Nepal with our exquisite incense crafted for offering worship and enhancing your mediation practice. Our artisans skillfully blend leaves, spices and aromatic tree barks to create a uniform and high quality incense that transports you to the mystical Himalayas. The incense rope is lovingly wrapped in Himalayan rice paper, ensuring its purity and authenticity.

- Rose: Promote love, compassion, and inner harmony.

Burning this exquisite incense harmonizes your chakras, bringing balance, harmony, and alignment to your energetic centers. The fragrant smoke fills the air, creating a sacred space for meditation, healing, and introspection.

For optimal preservation, store this treasure in a dry place, safeguarding its divine aroma and potency.

Ignite the essence of Nepal with our incense, and let its sacred fragrance elevate your spiritual journey.

Crafted with love, devotion and tradition.

No of incense: 25 ropes
Size of Incense: 3.5 inches approx.
Weight: 25 grams approx.