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Lapchi Milas Tibetan Incense Powder

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Lapchi Mila's Incense Powder is purely made up of natural herbs, which is grown on an average altitude of 4850 meters above sea level, and it is the most sacred destination in the Himalayas after Mount Kailash and Tsari. It is not only considered to be the speech mandala of Yidam Chakrasamvara, but it is also the sacred place that had been blessed by the presence of Padmasambhava and many other great scholars and masters from India such as Saraha, Shatha, Rakita, Youthok Yonten Gonpo. It is also one of the principal holy places associated with the life of Tibet's most famous Buddhist saint, Milarepa (1040-1123). Milarepa left his mark in many places, such as footprints and sacred springs and bless this holy place. Lapchi Mila's incense powder is the peak of fragrance, which purifies and relaxes our mind and body along with keeping our atmosphere peaceful.

Ingredients: Rhododendron, Juniper, Pamo, nardostachys jatamamsi and many other fragrant plants.

Burning Powder Incense:
-Light the charcoal and place it in your bowl or urn. Never hold the charcoal with your fingers - always use tongs or even pliers.
-Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up. This usually takes about 3 minutes. .
-Add herbs or powder incense. Just place a small amount on top of the charcoal.

Weight: 100 grams approx.