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Radha Krishna Copper Oxydized Statue Symbol of Love

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Introducing the Radha Krishna Statue, a divine embodiment of love and devotion. Standing at 10 inches tall, this exquisite statue beautifully captures the eternal bond between Radha and Krishna. Crafted with meticulous detail, it portrays Krishna playing the enchanting flute, symbolizing the melody of divine love.

The Radha Krishna Statue emanates serenity and transcendence, with delicate features intricately carved to reflect the essence of their divine connection. Radha and Krishna's expressions radiate pure bliss and profound affection, representing the union of individual souls with universal consciousness.

Krishna, the embodiment of divine love, is accompanied by Radha, the personification of devotion. Their sacred union symbolizes the eternal pursuit of spiritual oneness and the ecstatic bliss of divine love.

Invite the Radha Krishna Statue into your sacred space or home to embrace the energies of love, devotion, and spiritual union. Let their presence inspire you to cultivate compassion, devotion, and love in all aspects of life.

With its 10-inch height, this statue becomes a prominent centerpiece in meditation rooms, altars, or as a cherished art piece. Its craftsmanship and attention to detail make it a captivating fusion of beauty and spirituality.

Experience the divine love and devotion of Radha and Krishna with the Radha Krishna Statue-a symbol of eternal love, spiritual union, and transcendence. Let this statue ignite the flame of love and devotion in your heart, guiding you on the path of spiritual growth and divine connection.

Size:10" Height x 7" Wide x 3" Depth
Weight: 2335 grams approx