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Partly Gold plated White Tara Statue

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The White Tara Statue is an exquisite sculpture depicting the revered Buddhist deity, White Tara. White Tara is known for her compassion, healing, and longevity. She is often portrayed in a seated posture with her right hand in the gesture of granting blessings and her left hand holding a lotus flower. The statue represents White Tara's enlightened qualities of purity, serenity, and the ability to alleviate suffering. It serves as a visual reminder and symbol of the aspiration for wisdom, compassion, and the attainment of long and healthy lives. The White Tara statue is often revered and used as an object of devotion and meditation practice.

 Size : 2.1" H X 1.8"B X 1" D
Weight : 55 grams approx.