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OM Mani Prayer Wheel Wall Hanging

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Introducing our Om Mani Prayer Wheel with in a Wooden Frame - a harmonious embodiment of spiritual practice and elegant craftsmanship.

This is a hand carved Copper Prayer Wheel in a beautiful wooden carved frame. The copper prayer wheel is filled with paper rolls full of powerful Om Mani Mantra inside the hollow cylinder. The outer is etched and embossed with three lines of Om Mani Mantra. The wooden frame is carved with lotus petal pattern.
This is a wall hanging prayer wheel.

Place the Om Mani Prayer Wheel in your sacred space, be it your personal shrine or meditation corner. Allow its presence to inspire your daily practice and guide you on a path of spiritual growth.

Immerse yourself in the meditative rhythm of the prayer wheel - a fusion of mantra and motion, encapsulated in the elegance of wooden frames. Experience the transformative journey of connection and inner peace that this prayer wheel offers.

Dimension/Size: 4.5"L X 2"B X 4."2H (all measurements are maximum towards base and height)
Wight: 185 grams approx