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Kubera God of Wealth 24K Gold Statue

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Kubera, a prominent figure in Hindu mythology, is revered as the god of wealth and prosperity. Also known as Kuvera or Vaisravana, he holds a significant place as the treasurer of the gods and the guardian of the North. Depicted as a plump, dwarf-like figure adorned with jewels and often accompanied by a mongoose, Kubera symbolizes abundance and financial success.

Worshipped in Hinduism and Buddhism, Kubera is associated with the distribution of wealth and the responsible use of resources. Devotees seek his blessings for prosperity, success, and the wise management of material possessions. Kubera's mythological presence extends to temples and rituals, where believers express their gratitude and invoke his favor to attain affluence and well-being.

Size : 5.4"H X 4.8"W X 2.5"D
Weight : 520 grams approx