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Jambhala God of Wealth 24 K Gold Statue Kubera

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Kubera, also known as Kuvera or Vaisravana, is a prominent figure in Hindu mythology and Buddhism, associated with wealth, prosperity, and the guardian of the North. In Hinduism, Kubera is often depicted as a god of wealth and the treasurer of the gods, ruling over the mythical city of Alaka in the Himalayas.

Kubera is commonly portrayed as a dwarf-like figure with a plump body, adorned with jewels and carrying a mongoose that spews jewels as a symbol of prosperity. He is considered one of the Lokapalas, the guardians of the directions, with his domain being the northern direction.

In Buddhism, Kubera is known as Vaisravana and is regarded as a dharmapala, a protector of the Buddhist teachings. In both Hinduism and Buddhism, Kubera/Vaisravana is venerated and propitiated by individuals seeking wealth, success, and financial well-being.

Size : 6.5"H X 5"W X 2.5"D
(5.5" H x 4.7"W statue only)
Weight : 750 grams approx