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Jamba Nepali Rope Incense and Ceramic Base Plate with Brass Stand Set

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This high quality Jamba Rope Incense is made from completely natural and sustainable herbal ingredients. Jamba rope incense helps to purify the air, freshen the environment, reduce stress and tension and help achieve calm.

Ingredients: Astasugandha, Juniper Berries, Bdellium, Pine Dust, Sandalwood and Lokta Paper.

The set also includes a brass stand and a ceramic base plate. The ceramic base plate fits the brass stand which goes through the top part of the rope incense. This way your incense hangs on the brass stand and the ash falls on the base plate.

Size and weight:
Brass Stand: 7.5 inches tall and weighs 20 grams approx.
Ceramic Base Plate: 4 inches diameter and weighs 120 grams approx.

Burn time: 45 mins.
Incense length: 6.5 inch
Total number of Incense: 10