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Handcrafted Wooden Floral Oval Incense Burner

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This is a oval wooden hand carved floral incense burner. This incense burner can be used to burn various types of incenses ranging from Rope incense, Stick incense, Tibetan incense, and cone incense. This burner has floral carving done around the walls giving it a very beautiful look. The burner has metal covering on the inside of to prevent the wooden part from burning. You can use it to burn rope incenses directly on the burner or you can fill it with some sand and then burn the incense in it. It is easy to clean as the ashes fall inside the burner itself.

Stick incenses, Tibetan and Bhutanese incenses can be used on it as well once it is filled with sand. This incense burner is a very good addition to your decor as well.

Size: 5" L x 4" W x 1.6"H
Weight: 195 grams approx