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Hand Painted Gold Green Tara Statue 8" H by Meenu Shakya

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Green Tara, a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism, is an embodiment of compassion and enlightened activity. Often depicted in a vibrant green hue, she is portrayed in a graceful posture with one leg extended, ready to swiftly aid those in need.

As the embodiment of active compassion, Green Tara is considered a swift and protective deity. Her right hand extends in a gesture of granting wishes, while her left hand holds the stem of a blue lotus flower, symbolizing purity. Devotees turn to Green Tara for help in overcoming obstacles, fear, and suffering.

The Green Tara mantra is recited for its transformative and protective qualities. Her image, whether in painting or statue form, is placed in homes and temples, creating an environment of compassion and positive energy. Green Tara serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking assistance on their spiritual journey and symbolizes the compassionate and nurturing aspects of enlightenment.

Some precautions you should keep in mind when cleaning gold statues.
• In the case of gold painted on face, do not touch or not to clean with cold water. Gently wipe the dust with soft cotton.
• Do not use scrubbing cloths that are highly abrasive. Similarly, avoid using steel wool or metal bristled brushes as they will leave scratches on the surface of the Statue.
• Try avoiding touching gold statues too much. Oil from your hands can hasten the tarnishing process and reduce the life of your gold objects.

Size: 8.6"H x 7"W x 4"D
Weight: 1330 grams approx