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Gangchen Himalayan Healing Incense - Set of 5

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This healing incense is composed of 31 natural herbal ingredients from the Himalayan region. It is prepared, by hand, in the traditional way in exact accordance with the Tibetan Medical Tantra.

Various herbal flowers, saffron, red and white sandalwood, three fruits, melia composita and shored robusta.

Beneficial Action Against:
- Pain in the upper body, especially in the cervical and brachial plexus,
- Dryness of the mouth and tongue,
- Frequent sighing, irritability, depression and insomnia,
- Dizziness, tinnitus and temporary loss of consciousness,
- Muscular or neural stiffness, contraction of extremitises,
- Pains in the waist, hips, bones and joints arising from nervous disorders.

Light one stick of incense and inhale directly for a few moments then use as normal incense.
For massage, grind a stick of incense into a powder and mix it with the massage oil or cream.

No. of incense sticks: 20
Length of incense stick: 5.5 inches approx.
Weight: 35 grams approx.