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Copper Oxidized Samantabhadra Buddha Shakti Statue

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Unveil the Magnificent Copper Oxidized Samantabhadra Statue on a Lotus – A Journey into the Depths of Enlightenment

In the heart of sacred artistry lies the captivating Copper Oxidized Samantabhadra Statue on a Lotus, a masterful creation that resonates with profound spiritual significance and timeless wisdom. Each aspect of this divine statue has been carefully crafted to immerse you in a journey of tranquility and grace, serving as a cherished centerpiece for both your spiritual space and home decor.

Seated in a posture of serene composure atop a resplendent blooming lotus flower, Samantabhadra, the revered bodhisattva, exudes an aura of tranquil compassion. The rich oxidized copper finish adds a touch of antiquity and depth, accentuating the intricate details of the sculpture and enhancing its symbolic allure. As you gaze upon the statue, you are transported to a realm of spiritual refinement, where the boundaries between art and devotion dissolve into unity.

This embodiment of Samantabhadra, the bodhisattva of boundless virtues, radiates a powerful presence, inspiring a deeper connection with your inner self and guiding you towards greater enlightenment. His hands, meticulously arranged in symbolic mudras, bestow blessings and teachings that hold the keys to unlocking the wisdom hidden within your soul.

With every curve and contour, the Copper Oxidized Samantabhadra Statue on a Lotus captures the essence of this esteemed bodhisattva's virtues. The flowing lines of the traditional Buddhist attire, the gentle curves of the serene face, and the mesmerizing details of the lotus petals create an exquisite interplay of artistic beauty and spiritual depth.

Beyond its spiritual significance, this statue stands as an enduring piece of art, reflecting the heights of human creativity and devotion. Whether placed in a place of worship, a meditation corner, or adorning your living space, its presence invites a sense of sacredness, infusing your surroundings with a tranquil and harmonious ambiance.

The Copper Oxidized Samantabhadra Statue on a Lotus is not just an exquisite work of art; it is an invitation to embark on an inner pilgrimage towards self-discovery and enlightenment. As you contemplate the timeless message it conveys, you will find yourself drawn into a state of contemplation and inner peace, where the distractions of the outside world fade, and a deeper connection with the spiritual realm is forged.

Embrace the divine energy encapsulated in this sublime creation and allow the Copper Oxidized Samantabhadra Statue on a Lotus to become your steadfast companion on your path to wisdom and awakening. Let its captivating presence inspire you to explore the boundless depths of your own consciousness and lead you towards the eternal light of enlightenment.

Statue: 7.3"H X 5.8"W X 3.6"D, 1.56 kg. approx.
Base Lotus: 1.6"H X 6.7"W X 4.4"D, 650 g. approx.

Full Size(Statue on Lotus base): 8.5"H X 6.7"W X 4.4"D
Total Weight: 2.215 kg approx