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Copper Mini Shakyamuni Statue 2"

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Presenting our meticulously crafted 2-inch Shakyamuni Statue - a miniature embodiment of enlightenment and peace. This intricately designed statue captures the essence of Lord Buddha's teachings in a compact form.

Carefully shaped from premium materials, the Shakyamuni Statue radiates tranquility through its refined details. Its small size makes it versatile for placement on any surface - be it your meditation corner, desk, or personal sanctuary.

The statue's hand gestures, or mudras, carry profound symbolism, representing different facets of Buddha's journey to enlightenment. These delicate elements invite reflection, encouraging moments of mindfulness and insight.

Ideal for travel and contemplation, the Shakyamuni Statue is a portable source of inspiration. Whether you're well-versed in spiritual practices or just beginning your journey, this statue serves as a reminder of inner balance and awareness.

Elevate your space with the Shakyamuni Statue's presence and invite the serenity of enlightenment into your life. Let its beauty and meaning inspire you to embrace wisdom and compassion in your own journey.

Size: 2"
Weight: 70 grams