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Copper Mini Green Tara Statue 2"

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Introducing our meticulously crafted 2-inch Green Tara Statue - a captivating representation of compassion and protection, elegantly condensed into a compact form. This intricately designed statue embodies the essence of Green Tara's nurturing qualities.

Artfully shaped from premium materials, the Green Tara Statue exudes an aura of compassion through its exquisite details. Despite its small size, it carries a powerful presence that can grace your meditation area, desk, or any cherished space.

The statue's graceful posture and symbolic attributes hold deep meaning, representing Green Tara's role as a compassionate guide and protector. These delicate features encourage moments of contemplation and mindfulness, invoking the energy of solace and support.

Perfect for both travel and meditation, the Green Tara Statue serves as a portable wellspring of inspiration. Whether you're well-acquainted with spiritual practices or just beginning your journey, this statue serves as a reminder of the boundless compassion available to us.

Elevate your surroundings with the Green Tara Statue's presence and invite the energies of compassion and protection into your life. Allow its beauty and symbolism to inspire a deeper connection with the qualities of empathy and assistance.

Size: 2"
Weight: 70 grams