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Copper Mini Amitabha Buddha Statue 3" H

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The Copper Amitabha Buddha statue is a significant symbol in Buddhism and represents Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life.

Amitabha is associated with the Pure Land school of Buddhism and is believed to preside over the Western Pure Land, a paradise where devotees aspire to be reborn after death. The statue typically depicts Amitabha in a meditative posture, with his hands forming specific mudras (gestures) that convey various aspects of enlightenment and compassion. The presence of a Copper Amitabha Buddha statue serves as a reminder of Buddhist teachings, enlightenment, and the aspiration to attain spiritual awakening and liberation. It can also be a focal point for meditation and prayer for those who follow the Pure Land tradition or have a deep connection to Amitabha Buddha.

Size: 3" Height x 2.1" Wide x 1.3" Depth
Weight: 155 grams approx