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Copper Guru Padmasambhava Statue 9"H

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A Guru Padmasambhava statue in Tibetan Buddhism typically portrays the revered figure in a seated position, reflecting the meditative nature of his teachings. Clad in intricate Tibetan robes and adorned with symbolic ornaments, Guru Padmasambhava's countenance exudes serenity and wisdom. The statue may showcase specific mudras or hand gestures, each laden with symbolic significance representing the enlightened qualities and teachings associated with Guru Padmasambhava. Often depicted wearing a distinctive lotus hat, the statue serves as a focal point for meditation and veneration in Tibetan Buddhist practice. Devotees turn to these statues as tangible representations of spiritual guidance, seeking blessings, protection, and inspiration from Guru Padmasambhava in their pursuit of enlightenment within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Size: 8.8" H X 6" W X 4" Depth
Weight: 1365 grams approx