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Aromatherapy Tibetan Incense Bundle Gift Pack

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This is the Aromatherapy Incense Bundle Gift Pack. The perfect gift for your loved ones with various benefits and of aroma therapy. It is an all organic incense that is non toxic and does not form any habit. Each one of these incenses are made up of various herbs found up in the high altitudes of the Himalayas.

The bundle contains 8 packs of aroma therapy incenses;
-Mystic Yoga
-Spiritual Home-
-Flower of Life
- Mantra Meditation
-Positive Vibes
-Chakra Balance
-Soul Searcher
-Divine Karma

Each stick burns approximately for 30 minutes.
Number of Incense in each pack=37
Length of Incense=13cm / 5"
Weight: 100 grams of each pack
Each pack contains one small incense burner inside.