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What Is The Difference Between a Backpack and a Rucksack?

What Is The Difference Between a Backpack and a Rucksack?

Nepal has many stunning places to visit, and they don’t even require days to reach, at times, it is just about the drive or the walk for an hour, or couple more. And for those short destination visits and trips, all you need is a small backpack, to carry your things in an organized manner. In addition, don’t you think it is much more fun to have a trendy yet, unique looking backpacks as your travel companion?

Here in Nepacrafts, we have a wide range of beautiful hemp bags that are made with eco-friendly materials of hemp yarns and natural fabrics. They are handmade with various beautiful embroideries and patterns, which comes in a different custom size that you can choose from. Moreover, these bags are portable and easy to carry, and they also fit perfectly with any of your looks, which makes it a must-have item.

Yet, as you decide to travel, you still might be little confused about what bag to carry, for instance- which one to choose and what kind of the backpack goes with your trip, so that you can easily accommodate all of your needed materials in one place. In this situation, many of the people are found to be more jumbled on “backpacks” and “rucksacks”.


In a simple term, the feature that differentiates the backpack and the rucksack, is their “sizes”. Firstly, the backpacks are technically anything that has shoulder straps and are in lightweight. They are small in size yet, are big enough to carry few extra, minor items that you require for shorter days’ hikes.  


Secondly, the rucksack is also a kind of backpack that is larger in its size, which makes it more compatible with adventures hiking and camping purpose. Likewise, the rucksack has more pockets, and belts that are capable of holding a more substantial amount of gear in compared to other backpacks.

Thus, depending on your trip and the things you will be accommodating for it, you can either choose to carry the backpacks or the rucksacks. Furthermore, as the geographical and physical structure of Nepal is very indeterminable and has many hiked landscape with its hills and mountains, it is better to have a well-suited backpack/rucksack so that you don’t have to carry extra luggage, and can freely walk around to observe and enjoy the beauty of Nepal.  

Lastly, NepaCrafts provides various range of backpacks and rucksacks that are capable to store your books, clothes, iPads and literally anything that fits inside. The backpacks available in NepaCrafts are eco-friendly (bio-degradable) due to the use of natural material and are extra durable due to their high quality. All in all, these bags are handmade with lots of love and care, and are available in different attractive patterns with beautiful looks, which adds up to your personality and are great for the short trips or hikes.

Thus, do place your order, and let’s get trendy with a unique backpack that describes your personality, and works as your beautiful travel companion. 

 “Let’s travel Nepal with a compatible backpack that is handmade in Nepal.”


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