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Singing Bowls for  Sound Healing, Meditation, Kindergarten and Therapy

Singing Bowls for Sound Healing, Meditation, Kindergarten and Therapy

The singing bowl is a musical instrument and also the ritual object, which has therapeutic and meditational values.  The sound produced by the singing bowl is quite remarkable, as it transfers the power and, forms a communicative connection with our soul by dragging our attention towards its cosmos, of peace and serenity.

For the people who have never experienced the magic of the singing bowl before, they may not exactly understand the frequencies created by these bowls.  However, they will definitely experience the sense of physical well-being and relaxations when they listen to the sounds created by the singing bowl or place their hand against it and feel the vibration, at the time when the bowl is being stroked.

The powerful vibrations produce ultra-sonic sound waves, which get spread quickly through our body, and results in a very delicate internal massage of all the cells. It has been proven that the freely moving vibration produced by the singing bowl stimulate the neurons to make more connections, to which our human brain has the potential for 100 million connections. Therefore, each tune produced by the singing bowl helps you to activate your brain and the body.

Aashna is playing with Singing bowl in the office.

Consequently, you may experience different range and pattern of tones, depending on the shape and size of the bowl, material it has been built-in, and the subordinates (sand or water) that have been used while playing the bowls. More importantly, the sound created by the bowls widely depends on the vibration and the wave range it creates- which is through the strike made against the bowl, at its edge.

It has been claimed often by various monks and the one who has used the singing bowl, that the bowl provides you the access to a magic land of great deliverance. “Every atom constantly sings a song, and it is this tone which creates finer or denser forms of greater or smaller density” which ultimately, makes your body feel the vibration and relaxes you, by keeping your feelings clear and fresh.

If you focus on the sound, vibration and the effect that bowl creates when being stroked, you will notice to have access to a field of unlimited possibilities. But just remember that “everyone undergoes changes and therefore influences the sound in different ways” the thing that you have been experiencing during the session of singing bowls will get reflected you in a deeper manner, which will open your heart and your mind to have conscious discoveries about yourself and your surroundings.

The singing bowl, therefore, is a therapeutic aid, it is a sound therapy used by various experts and therapist to treat the people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or any kind of mental instability, or health issues. The singing bowl stimulates the healing power that we have within us, and strengthens the energy and advances the harmonization.

As every matter is capable of not only the physical pulsation but also the emotional and mental poundings, and for this the singing bowl has the power to carry a deep penetration that can liberate the clogged emotions and renew the body with positive energy. Adding to this, it has been found that even the animals can enjoy the treatment with singing bowls, and to make them more stabilize.

Last but not least: anyone can use the singing bowl for their own personal voyage of discovery into the most impact world of sound and its effects on our body and the soul. The sound of every bowl is unique, whether it comes from the small, unattractive bowl or from a magnificent bowl or else the size of the modest. Because the power and the real magic is in the tune and the singing bowl itself. Thus, just do not rely on anyone else's opinion on the bowl but try to discover it by yourself- you will surely be carried along by the sound, and its natural sensational vibe, all you need to do is "Feel it by yourself".

 "Only the sound- but then it was an evening of summer rain." - Issa (Japanese Haiku poet)




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