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Himalayan Rope Incense -  Fragrance to Serve God, with Spiritual Benefit and Healing Power

Himalayan Rope Incense - Fragrance to Serve God, with Spiritual Benefit and Healing Power

Rope Incense

Rope incense is an integral part of Nepalese culture, which is used for various religious and spiritual purposes. In Nepal, it is also known as “Dhoop”, which in use, spreads magnificent fragrance to serve God, calm our soul during the meditational session and Shamanic healing process, and it can also be used for soothing the smell of our room as an air freshener.  

The rope incense is handcrafted by wrapping the special ingredients in the rice paper or the lokta paper, and then, they are twisted into a small rope-like structure in the braided forms. Each of the rope incense are known to be special because of their natural aroma of pure and herbal ingredients that is refreshing and earthy in nature, which suits almost everyone.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, these rope incense are recognized to be very significant, they have been in use for centuries, by various old traditional tribes, and continues to have its presence even among the new generation. Moreover, as per the Buddhist mythology, it is believed that the Buddha himself made the very first incense and passed the secrets of it to his disciples. It is furthermore believed, the smoke that is created during the burning of these incense, helps to cleanse our soul, and are known to be a powerful tool for attracting the God’s presence and positivity around us. Hence, they are used by the monks and the other people during the prays and the religious activities.

Likewise, the rope incense is also eco-friendly as it does not require the trees to be cut down in order to make them. It consists of all the natural elements, which helps to improve the atmosphere of our surrounding by providing pleasure, peace, and a strong rejuvenating vibe. In addition, inhaling the incense is believed to enhance the creative side of ours, improves concentration, reduces anxiety, makes us mindful and helps us to relax by bringing the positive energy.

Therefore, in NepaCrafts, we have tried to indulge different types valuable and herbal (Ayurvedic) ingredients in our rope incense that are unique, purely natural and handmade by the local Nepalese women with ecofriendly (lokta) papers. For instance, in NepaCrafts, you may find the rope incense made up of Juniper plant, which has a very high medicinal importance along with other spiritual and religious benefits, as it helps to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), diabetes, snakebites and even cancer.

Similarly, NepaCrafts provides incense made up of Sal, which is regarded as highly important in Hindu and Buddhist religion, along with that it can also be used to reduce mental stress. Besides, in NepaCrafts, we have various other rope incense such as Spikenard Rope IncenseLumbini Herbal Rope Incense, FrankIncense Rope Incense, Lemongrass Rope Incense, Cedar Rope Incense and many more, all of these incense have their own key characteristics and importance, as they carry lots of value- religiously and spiritually, along with charismatic aroma for refreshment and calmness.

Lastly, we ensure that the rope incense provided by the NepaCrafts is non-toxic and non-addictive. All of our incense are natural and do not contain any kind of chemical. They are made out of qualitative ingredients that are handcrafted from the process of making to the packaging with lots of precision.

Thus, we make sure to provide the best to our customer.
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