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NepaCrafts Going Green Caring for the Environment

NepaCrafts Going Green Caring for the Environment

The environment is a very essential part of every living being, and as the most advanced creature on this earth, we- humans, hold greater responsibility to protect the most essential source of our existence, the environment. However, in recent days, the excessive use of “plastic”, a manmade creation, has become the most toxic source of pollution, as it takes hundreds of years or even more to decompose. Plastic has a long-lasting damaging impact on the environment and so consequently, also on all the organisms in the food chain, from tiny species like plankton to blue whales. And, that’s not it, in recent times, plastic components are found even in human organs, and according to the research team from Arizona State University“these microplastics found inside humans, have direct and potential health risks, causing infertility, inflammation, and cancer”.

Moreover, according to ICIMOD, “Kathmandu alone uses around 4.7 million to 4.8 million plastic bags daily, and again on a daily basis, 16% of the urban waste of overall Nepal, comprised “plastic” garbage production of about 2.7 tons.” Thus, it is very important for us, everyone of us to think, and work toward the issue of plastic pollution, in a critical manner, by growing as a “plastic-free” community. Nevertheless, the initiation has been taken, in 2015 April, Nepal government declared Kathmandu as a “polythene bag-free zone”, which has caused decrement in the use of it, yet we still use tons of plastics on a daily basis on different forms, like buying food warped in plastics, gifts made/warped in plastics, household products made out of plastics and so on. Thus, in such case, manufacturing companies and consumers both must work together, to find, promote, and use sustainable alternatives.

Going forward, despite being a small but growing business, NepaCrafts and our entire team, recognize our role and contribution, to decrease pollution and establish oneself as a “green business” and subsequently create a sustainable and stable environment, for better today and tomorrow. Thus, we have ensured that we incorporate environment friendly business model, by controlling the use of plastic and promoting pollution-free activities, such as maintaining the usage of electricity and water, in an active manner for the day-to-day operations.

Similarly, in terms of production, all our creations are exclusively handmade and equally eco-friendly. Therefore, in NepaCrafts, we use chemical-free materials, and indulge in natural and local products instead of plastic, for almost all our production. For example, 80% of our incense are packed in the “Lokta Paper”, these papers are easy to dye and entirely hand-made, also are germs-free and highly recyclable. Besides, for all the orders above 3kgs, NepaCrafts ensure to provide “corrugated carton box” packaging. The corrugated box is an eco-friendly packaging option that comprised 100% recyclable materials such as used cardboard cartons, old newspapers, and old school children’s copies.

Furthermore, we have just not, ensured to remain eco-friendly in terms of internal process, but we have tried to incorporate and remain sustainable throughout our supply chain. Hence, we have been working with FedEx for years now, as one of our core delivery partner, as they ensure 100% recyclable packaging service that is durable and environmentally responsible. Also, DHL is our another core delivery partner, who is known to be the pioneer of “green logistics” in the world, and is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable service. Therefore, through these partnerships, with sustainable and environmentally active, logistic companies we have ensured to deliver our customers the best, by incorporating measures that are equally eco-friendly and contributes to the protection of our environment.


So, for lasting impact, we are determined to grow as a sustainable enterprise and expand our business, by decreasing the wastage of resources and increasing the usages of renewable materials. Because of this, we have ensured to take every little initiation seriously when it comes to environmental protection. For example, using recycled cloth/hemp bags instead of plastic bags, cutting off unnecessary use of papers and going digital, and creating customer awareness on environment protection.



Overall, as a growing business house, we find ourselves as a responsible and adequately important entity, who must be active to protect the environment. Thus, we acknowledge creating a holistic, eco-friendly business model that prioritizes sustainable solutions, limits the use of plastics, and promotes collaborative efforts for environment protection, along with our customers. Lastly, we again ensure our determination to create eco-friendly business that supports the local government and community, in terms of eliminating the use of plastic bags and also commits to contribute more, to create a sustainable, inclusive, and environmentally impactful future. And so, for this, NepaCrafts hopes to have the support and consistent involvement of our valuable customers, throughout our journey as, we cherish your presence, and we forever need it.

Thank you!

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