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How Nepalese Handicraft Goods Can Enhance Your Meditation Practice

How Nepalese Handicraft Goods Can Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Our modern world is full of stressors and distractions that leave us feeling stressed and anxious. To find moments of peace in a chaotic world, many people are adopting the practice of meditation.

Meditation has proven benefits for stress. When you meditate, your mind enters a state of deep relaxation, leaving you feeling tranquil and at peace.  

While you can meditate from anywhere without any objects, adding certain goods to your practice can enhance it and take you into a deeper state of meditation. The Nepalese handicraft goods we offer are handmade by women, so every purchase you make supports women's empowerment. Our artisans are committed to their craft. They pour their hearts into everything they produce to bring peace and comfort to the world.

Empower Your Meditation Using Nepalese Handicraft Goods

Here are some ways that our Nepalese goods can enhance and empower your meditation to take you to deeper levels of relaxation.


Tibetan Incense

Adding incense to your meditation practice can help you feel calmer and at peace. Our Tibetan incense is made from natural medicinal ingredients derived from the Himalayan region, which means it is safe for you to inhale.

In addition to burning Tibetan incense during meditation, it can be used during religious ceremonies and spiritual practices. Find it in various scents that can benefit different styles of meditation.

Prayer Malas

Add a prayer mala to relax your mind and body further as you slow your breathing and focus on your intention. The repetitive motion of moving each of the 108 beads through your fingertips connects your mind and body. Repeat a mantra as you transition from one bead to the next. You will complete the full circle when your hand returns to the Guru Bead at the center.

Rope Incense

Rope incense is created using a special technique from the Himalayan region that has been passed down from generation to generation. Each rope incense is filled with natural, eco-friendly herbs, then carefully hand-rolled.

Rope incense can help reduce tension, depression, and stress. Use it in the morning to set your intention for the day and in the evening to prepare your mind for a peaceful slumber.

Prayer Flags

There is a tradition that prayer flags symbolize peace and goodwill. The mantras printed on each prayer flag are blown by the wind, spreading messages of compassion through the world. When one person uses a prayer flag, everyone benefits. 

Our handmade prayer flags should be treated with respect. Instead of throwing them away, burn your prayer flags when they get old and need to be replaced.

Support Women Empowerment and Fair Trade with NepaCrafts

At NepaCrafts, we believe in fair trade business practices to create opportunities for our talented artisans. Our mission is to elevate the living standards of local Nepalese artists and empower women so they can afford to raise their families and give their children a good life and a bright future.


Our fair trade Nepalese handicrafts can elevate your meditation practice, taking it to more profound levels so you can feel calm, relaxed, and prepared to face whatever challenges come your way. We are all part of this one world, and we hope to bring you some peace and comfort through the high-quality handicraft Nepalese products we offer.

Feel free to browse our store or contact us if you have any questions about our products or artisans.

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