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Cyber Monday Deal is Now On with  50% off  Storewide

Cyber Monday Deal is Now On with 50% off Storewide

Black Friday is one of a popular day, which is celebrated and known for various sales and discounts offers. Currently, it has been like a trend to celebrate this day every year, immediately after Thanksgiving Day, mainly in the United States, after the fourth Thursday of November.

It is actually an informal name, assumed and given to the Friday that occurs at the end of November. On this particular day, many stores and outlets promote their goods extensively and offer various jaw-dropping discounts. Almost all the stores who targets the millennial, tend to follow this particular day and market it to be one of the year’s biggest sale event.

The gaga of the Black Friday is something that you can mostly see and experience in an online platform, many stores offer highly promoted sales and attractive deals. Nonetheless, Black Friday is more like an excuse to start the shopping for the incoming Christmas and the New Year.

Likewise, Black Friday normally tends to get started by the end of its eve (midnight) and lasts for the entire day. However, at times, some store tends to offer similar discounts, to keep up the craze of the Black Friday from the time of the Thanksgiving itself.


Correspondingly, the very popular and repeatedly spread out the story behind this “Post-Thanksgiving Shopping experience” is mostly interlinked with the retailers who aim to lengthen the Christmas shopping season.

Nevertheless, Black Friday still has a lot to offer. It especially benefits the people who truly love shopping or just the normal people, who are looking for the best deals at an affordable price. As the stores give a huge discount on their products which might go as high as 30% to 50% at once.

Cyber Monday began as the online version of  Black Friday, where online retailers offered big discounts to match their brick-and-mortar counterparts. (@business insider)....

Enjoy your cyber Monday Shopping at NepaCrafts with 50% off store wide.

We are offering free Gift worth $ 50,- on all order above $100 during the Black Friday Cyber Monday deal.

Free Gift Cyber Monday

 And, following the same trend, NepaCrafts has also come up with some exciting offers and a mega sale, considering all of our lovely customers, who have always been like a family to us.

With the celebration of this Black Friday, we want to offer a set of goodness, created with love, care, and the immense passion. We want to stand for peace and happiness, as we always did. And, so we want to promote togetherness by indulging the upcoming Christmas with our products that include the set of Tibetan-Buddhism gift items 

Lastly, the following are the list of 10 special products, which we personally selected for you, to enrich your upcoming holidays for Christmas and the New Year 2020. These products can also be gifted to any of your Yogis and Yogini friends, who loves the concept of spirituality, and enjoys the aroma of peace and calmness.

  1. Sandalwood rope incense
    - These rope incense are the handmade-ecofriendly Nepali incense, which is extracted from white and red sandalwood, saldhup, spikenard, cinnamon and cloves found in the Himalayas. This is abundantly used in stupas, temples for aromatic ambiance.
  2. Himalayancedar rope incense  
    -This is a Nepalese rope incense, which is also commonly known as Dhoop. It is an incense made of wood of Cedar tree which is found in the Himalayas of Nepal. These incense can be used in stupas and temples for placing the prayers and goodwill.
  1. Sandalwood incense stick
    - This is a handmade Tibetan Sandalwood incense made up of a various mixture of herbs and medicinal plants. These incense are madewith the ancient technique and can beused for the meditational purposes to remove dullness and balance the mind.   
  2. Himalayan cedar incense
    - This is also a handmade Tibetan Himalayan Cedar incense, which is made with a use of a special formula which is derived from ancient Vedic texts and by following all the rituals and teachings of Lama Dorjee.
  1. Spiral design clay incense burner
    - This is a special burner made to burn Rope incense, with a shallow depth ending in a spiral form at the bottom. The burner craved beautifully and has two holes to hold the incense stick.
  1. Cotton Om printed scarf
    - This beautiful, blue-colored cotton scarf with printed symbols of Hinduism: Om and deities. With the length of 56" X 12", this scarf can bebest to be worn around the neck and shoulder area on sunny days, and can also be used as a bandanas or, wrap it like a muffler. 
  2. Clay Shakyamuni Buddha statue
    - This is a beautiful hand-painted Shakyamuni Buddha statue made of clay, with a height of 4’’. This statue can beused in a pray or meditational room, or else be placed in an altar or simply in a study table.
  3. Seven Chakra bracelet
    - This seven chakra bracelet is also known as a healing bracelet, which consists of seven different beads and three white metal spacers. Each of the beads represents the chakras of our body and, these seven chakra bracelet is believed to activate and channel the true energy flow.
  4. Healing Buddha prayer flag
    - Healing Buddha Prayer Flags are made up of fine cotton blend fabric and hand block printed using wooden block prints. These prayer flags have an image of Medicine Buddha in the middle of it, along with some mantras surrounding the deity.
  5. Lokta paper eight auspicious symbols printed prayer flag
    - These mini Prayer Flags are made up of Himalayan Lokta Paper and are hand printed with the use of the wooden block. And, to make these flags, our artists cut the perfect size of various colored papers and then block the images of Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbols to print it, at the end tie them using the adhesive to the cotton thread.

Do visit our site and check our products to know more about various deals and offers. You will find various Nepalese and Tibetan items related to Buddhism and Spirituality, which are mostly handcrafted by our local artisans. All in all, enjoy the holidays and pamper yourself with NepaCrafts products for some self-love and care.

We are offering 50% off storewide, Discount code BFCM50 Valid from 29th Nov- 5th Dec 2019.

Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays- Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is here- ENJOY!!!

(Anu KC, Manisha Chhetry)

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