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Healing Buddha Prayer Flags

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Traditional Healing Buddha Prayer Flags are made with fine cotton blend fabric and hand block printed using wooden block prints. The traditional five color fabrics are cut into appropriate sizes and then wooden block printed individually. Then they are sewn into a durable nylon blended thread.

These prayer flags have a Medicine Buddha figure in the middle along with mantras surrounding the deity.

Size: 9.5 X 8.5 Inches
Total Size: 88 inches with 11 inches of thread at each end.
Weight: 80 gms

Inauspicious days to hang Prayer flags in 2017:
February: 21/ March: 31/ April: 12, 24, 30/ May: 11, 24, 26, 28/ June: 9/July: 3, 16, 30/ August: 11, 25/ September: 7, 18, 21/ October: 3, 14, 30/ November: 10, 25/ December: 7, 22/ January (2018): 2, 14, 17, 29/ February(2018): 10

When the prayer flags and mantras have faded away, put up a new prayer flag. If you no longer want the old one to keep hanging alongside the new one, kindly burn or bury them respectfully.