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Zen Meditation Flat Singing Bowl 6.6"

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Introducing the Practitioner Grade Zen Singing Bowl from Bhaktapur a captivating masterpiece born in the heart of Bhaktapur, Nepal. Crafted by skilled artisans, this singing bowl is a harmonious fusion of art and sound. Fashioned from sacred metals like copper and tin, it boasts intricate etchings and motifs that pay homage to Nepal's cultural heritage. When played with a wooden mallet, it emits soothing, harmonic tones that invite relaxation and inner balance, making it perfect for meditation, yoga, and sound therapy. Owning a Bhaktapur Singing Bowl means holding a piece of Bhaktapur's rich tradition, while also supporting the artisans who create these timeless treasures. Immerse yourself in the serenity and culture of Bhaktapur with every melodious note.

Size of Singing bowl= 6.6" Diameter X 2.4"H
Size of Cushion= 4" Diameter
Size of Mallet= 7" L

Weight of singing bowl= 525 g approx.

How to play Singing bowl ?

1. Hold the bowl in the palm of either hand.
2. With the mallet, rub the outside rim in a circular motion. Keep an even pressure.
3. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate, and as the sound grows. It may help to tap the bowl to begin the vibration.
4. Or enjoy the exotic sound by just tapping the bowl.

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