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Himalayan Zen Healing Singing Bowl Set

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The zen singing bowls are known as healing bowls and are high quality bowls. They are mostly use during meditation and healing practices. This seven sets of Zen Singing bowls are unique as they are of different sizes that exactly fits into each other bowls. These bowls comes with one brocade bag and can easily carry with you during the travel as all the seven sets of bowls comes together in one single bag. The artist has finely made this bowl with perfect finishing.

For each bowl there is a brocade cushion to place the singing bowl in a perfect manner.

The Seven set of Zen bowl beginning from the largest one in the order is given below and these bowls contains the following notes

1. Note # G
Size: 7" Diameter X 3.5" Height
Weight: 1400 grams approx

2. Note # F
Size: 6" Diameter X 3.1" Height
Weight: 785 grams approx

3. Note # D
Size: 5" diameter X 3" Height
Weight: 545 grams approx

4. Note # C
Size: 4.3" Diameter X 2.3" Height
Weight: 400 grams approx

5. Note # B
Size: 3.5" Diameter X 2" Height
Weight: 365 grams approx

6. Note # G
Size: 3.1" Diameter X 2" Height
Weight: 225 grams approx

7. Note # E
Size: 2.7" Diameter X 1.6" Height
Weight: 190 grams approx

Total Weight: 3885 grams approx