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Zambala Kubera Carving Conch Shell with Turquoise and Coral Decoration

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The conch shell also known as Sankha is a very important ritual object that is use to commence any ritual work. This conch shell is wonderfully carved giving a perfect image of Zambala or Kubera. Kubera Zambala is the fortune of wealth and prosperity.

Conch shell is recognized as the symbol of fearlessness, and proclaimed the truth of dharma. This is the one of the eight symbols of good fortune this stands for the popularity and fame of Buddhist teaching which spread in all direction like the sound of the Conch Trumpet.

According to mainstream Buddhism and Hinduism, the conch shell is also associated with truthful speech and strength.

The conch shell is covered with silver and Turquoise and coral is inlaid in it. A very beautiful and must posses ritual item, this conch shell is made with perfection.

Size: 24 L x 11 W cm/ 9.5" L x 4.3" W
Weight: 830 grams approx