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Zambala Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ghau Pendant

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This is a handmade silver sterling goldplated Zambala Ghau Pendant with Amitabh Buddha inside.

This Tibetan Ghau Pendant is beautifully made with Turquoise Stone and semi precious stones decorating the full outer surface. The beautiful work of filigree along with placements of the semi precious stones give this pendant a great look. Very popular among Tibetan people, these ghau pendants have been gaining rapid popularity in the western world by followers of Buddhism and quite collectible.

Completely handmade by sterling silver, this pendant is fully gold plated. In the outer cover, the Zambala is seen. Zambala is the god of wealth. He is sometimes equated with Hindu Lord Kubera. Green Jambhala has bluish green colored body. He sits in the vajra position with Dakini in front of him. His right leg is panhandle with right foot is above a snail and lotus flower, while his left leg is kinked. On his left hand is an animal called Nehulay (mongoose) which spew out jewels from its mouth, his right hand holding Norbu.

Once opened, there is a beautiful filigree work upon which deity Amitabh Buddha has been represented.

Silver Sterling 925

Size: 2.3"H X 2" W X 0.9" Depth
Weight: 49.50 grams approx/ 1.74 oz