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Blossom Zafu Meditation Cushion Cover Yellow Brocade

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The Meditation Flora Lotus Brocade Cushion Cover is a stunning accessory for enhancing your meditation practice. The intricate lotus floral design on the brocade fabric adds a calming and tranquil touch to your meditation space.The Brocade Meditation Cover features a zipper that allows you to easily remove and wash the cover when needed. The zipper also provides access to the inner fill bag, which can be filled with your preferred material, such as buckwheat hulls or kapok, to customize the cushion's firmness and support. The zipper is a practical feature that enhances the durability and functionality of the Brocade Meditation Cover, ensuring it lasts for years of use in your meditation practice.

The inner meditation cushion cover of the Meditation Flora Lotus Brocade Cushion features a 6-inch stripe that can be easily opened and closed. This convenient feature allows you to adjust the filling of the cushion to your desired level of comfort and support. By opening the stripe, you can easily add or remove filling, such as kapok or buckwheat hulls, to ensure the cushion meets your individual needs. Once you have achieved your desired level of support, simply close the stripe to secure the filling in place. This feature provides added convenience and customization to your meditation practice.

Please note that the cushion is unfilled and requires filling before use.

Material-Terry Cotton
Diameter: 17"
Weight- 170 gm approx