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Windhorse Prayer Flags with Eight Auspicious Symbol

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This is a color printed vertical wind horse prayer flags. The flag is printed with Tibetan eight auspicious symbol, wind horse and its associate mantras. 

The Windhorse is a legendary Tibetan creature, considered to carry prayers from the earth to the heavenly gods using the strength and speed of the wind. This basic symbol is thought to possess powerful energy to the lives of all beings who come into contact with the wind.

It is said that when the Windhorse prayer flags move in the direction of the wind, the spiritual powers of the sacred images and scriptures benefit all those in the area. That is why prayer flags are hang in the trees, roof of the house or in a monastery.

You can simply tied this vertical prayer flags to the pole at the desired place.

The upper border of the prayer flags is printed with Tibetan deities and lower border is printed with Tibetan Guardian or protector.

Size: 39"x 31"
Weight: 60 grams approx