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White Tara Six in One Tibetan Incense

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This is a special six in one pack of high quality Tibetan incense. All these incenses are composed of special ayurvedic and medicinal ingredients. The incense is used for religious and ritual purposes which has seemed to give a positive impact on the mental health of the individual. It gives pleasure and peace deep inside as an aroma therapy result.

The six different incenses, Number of incense sticks and its fragrance according to its color are as follows:
1. Red- Red sandalwood-14 incense sticks
2. Green- Natural menthol-14 incense sticks
3. Violet- Jasmine-14 incense sticks
4. Brown- Special-14 incense sticks
5. Black- Amber-14 incense sticks

Size: 18.5 cm/ 7.4"
Weight: 125 grams approx
Burning duration of single incense: 1 hour