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White Om Prayer Shawl

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White Om Prayer Shawl, Cotton Meditation Shawl, Yoga Shawl-The Dancing Natraj Collection

Commonly known as Om Shawl, Yoga Shawl, Meditation Shawl, Meditation prayer Shawl, Prayer Shawl, Prayer Scarf, Om Prayer Scarf.

Very popular among Hindu followers and hippy tourists following the hippy trail of Haridwar, rishikesh, gangotri and then to the sacred land of Nepal, this prayer scarf has a power of attraction and is often considered sacred.

Can be worn all year around.

Can be worn during Pujas, while worshipping or praying, meditating or casually.

Measurement:(in inches)

Large: 85 '' H X 40"' W / Weight: : 175 grams

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