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Vajrasattva Thangka Painting Oil Varnished

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This is a Vajrasattva thangka. The colors used in this thangka, along with the fine intricate linings of the drawing, enhance the serene and tranquil presence of Vajrasattva.

Vajrasattva, a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism, symbolizes purity and the path to spiritual purification. Devotees engage in meditation and recitation of his 100-syllable mantra to cleanse negative karma and attain clarity.

The 100-syllable mantra is: "Om Benza Sato Samaya, Manu Palaya, Benza Sato Deno Pa, Titha Drito Me Bawa, Suto Kayo Me Bawa, Supo Kayo Me Bawa, Anu Rakto Me Bawa, Sarwa Siddhi Me Prayatsa, Sarwa Karma Sucame, Cittam Shreya Kuru Hum, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho, Bhagawan Sarwa Tathagata Benza Ma Me Muntsa, Benza Bawa Maha Samaya Sato Ah."

All paintings are hand drawn on primed cotton canvas using mineral and vegetable pigments.
The work duration ranges between one month to one and half year per painting depending upon the details.

Every painting is nicely packed with hand made lokta paper and is put inside a strong non bendable PVC Pipes for expedition.

Size : 21" H x 16.2" W approx.

Oil Varnished Thangka Painting

Traditonal Brocade Framing is availabe. Please add the SKU TH100 on your cart for the brocade framing.


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