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Uniquely Hand painted Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

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This is a unique copper statue of Shakyamuni Buddha handmade and hand painted in Nepal.

Shakyamuni Buddha is seated in Dhyana Asana or Meditative Pose, also called Padmasana. In this position, the legs are crossed, closely locked with the soles of both feet visible. Shakyamuni Buddha is seated on lotus beautifully painted.

The robe of Shakyamuni has painted with maroon color and the border is embossed using a color. This is a new technique used by our artist Meenu Shakya. The body of the statue is painted with each single details of Buddha's life from birth to Nirvana in a exceptionally beautiful way. The face of the statue is gold painted.

Our Artist Meenu Shakya has an amazing skills of painting which is really appreciable. She enjoys her work very much as a result the statues comes out with unique and beautiful. Her hardwork and dedication towards the painting makes everything looks perfect.

Size: 9"H X 4"W X 6"L
Weight: 1710 grams