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Transformation of Consciousness: Potentials for Our Future

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Transformation of Consciousness is an exploration of various approaches to impact our consciousness. The book points to potentials we as species may need for our future survival. Shamanic approaches are frequently viewed as premodern and thus mere historical remnants. The implication is that they are fascinating to help explain our past evolutionary history, but have little relevance for our future. When we disregard the signifi cance of these ancient shamanic and Eastern paradigms, we disregard possible avenues to shift our thinking and our cultural practices for the benefi t of our future survival. Each author in this anthology discusses exit strategies out of the hall of mirrors that our contemporary world has created, each contribution validates the importance of ancient traditions today, and the need for a more appropriate epistemology to describe consciousness processes. Transformations of consciousness are needed not only to serve individual needs, but also to serve our general human need to know, understand, and make meaning. These transformations also support socio-cultural practices that are holistic, integrative, and balancing for individuals and communities.
Author:Dagmar Eigner & Jurgen Kremer (Eds.)
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